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Who Am I Again?

I’m starting this blog because my big sister made me. I’m not kidding. She and her husband own a pest business, Buzzoff Mosquito of Tampa Bay She’s in charge of advertising, along with dozens of other things, while her husband does instillations of these misting systems that keep mosquitos out of your yard, so you can enjoy it without the buzzing harassment. Recently, she decided to add blogging to her never-ending list of tasks. She writes about Florida attractions, outdoor crafts, and of course bug control on occasion, all the while telling me how hard it is, since she’s not the writer of the family. That’s me, by the way – Official writer of the Burnett family. Only I hardly write any more. I think about writing, plan stories in my head, set aside writing time which I gleefully give away to routine chores like cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry.
So, here’s my big sister, the ‘not writer’ of the family, running her business, keeping up their website, Facebook site, and publishing regular blog entries about Florida fun. This on top of trying to reign in the antics of our 86-year-old mother who hears only what she wants to hear and drives worse than any teenager on the road. That last bit didn’t just develop as she got older, by the way, she’s always been scary on the road. Add in two nephews, one niece, and their families, and you’ll see my sister has a lot going on.
Back to me, though. This is supposed to be my blog, after all. I have a full-time job which isn’t particularly fulfilling but pays well and doesn’t really tax my time too much. A sweet deal, all in all. I also have 3 kids, all adults living on their own. Two moved about as far away from me as you can while still living in the States, but I try not to take that personally. My son lives about an hour away and treats me like my siblings and I treat my mom, i.e. Frail, confused, and in need of help. I’m only 56, though he treats me like I’ll fall over in a swift breeze.
I go to work, come home, throw a ball with my little dachshund, get ignored by my cats, eat, sleep and occasionally shop. I have PLENTY of time for writing, and I’m not exaggerating. There’s no one with claims on my time besides my boss and the person in charge of programming on the Investigation channel. I’ve never published a thing and have only finished half-a-dozen super short stories, and one novel, rejected whole heartedly by Harlequin, and rightly so. It’s a real stinker, but it did earn me PRO status at Romance Writers of America, so for that, thanks “Haunting Dreams of Yesterday”. My big sister still says I’m the writer in the family. You know what? Susan has rarely been wrong, so who am I to argue?
Starting today, I’m committing to writing a blog entry every week. Manageable, right? I’m write on this blog about my progress to fulfill my destiny as the WRITER OF THE FAMILY (TA DA!). I’m going to commit to writing 750 fiction words a day, every day, regardless of work or why that plane crashed on “Air Disasters”.
If I can figure out how to publish this blog, I’d appreciate it if y’all wanted to follow me on this rededication to my destiny. That’s a big IF though. My sister’s already sending me links through Pinterest on how to post, how to set up a domain, business Facebook page, etc. Just seeing all these topics – I’m already feeling overwhelmed and out of touch. This will be a rough ride, I think, but on the plus side, with my kindergarten level of tech savvy, this blog will probably never see the dazzling lights of the internet anyway.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I Again?

  1. Well, I encourage you to not become discouraged. I am a self-proclaimed neo-Luddite and consciously sans tech so I often have trouble too wandering around the blogosphere but I will say it is a very nice and helpful community. And believe me, you are not the only one in the boat feeling like your nearly lost at sea. I often can’t even find the link to get into this course! 🙂


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